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Do you know that you can leverage existing security systems for fever scanning and contact tracing?

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Whether it is Covid-19 or any other infectious disease, fever scanning, contact tracing and sanitation have become a "new norm" for every business out there.

According to Web MD, the Coronavirus, the family of viruses that include the ones that cause COVID-19, can live on various surfaces, particularly of commonly held objects like doorknobs, silverware, jewelry, watches, etc. The virus stays alive for more than 3 days on stainless steel and for a shocking 5-7 days on other metals such as gold and silver.

So, what are the solutions available to address the “new norm”? Here are the two most common solutions:

There is a 3rd solution whereby you can leverage your existing system without reinvesting. How does it work?


1. Forehead Infrared Thermometer

2. Access Control System

- Ability to generate simple time attendance report

- Capable of adding new field for cardholders

- Ability to automatically schedule task for exporting reports

3. Video Management System

Ability to provide video to access control system

Process flow:

  1. Taking of temperature reading of employees and visitors using manual fever scanner.

  2. If the reading is within healthy range, snapshot picture of the thermometer reading will be taken.

  3. The temperature reading is now tied with the employee or visitors records automatically.

** Take note, for visitors, the temperature record can be keyed into the system, backed by the snapshot of thermometer readings. **

Visitor Temperature Audit Trails

Sample Report #1
Sample Report #2

Employee Temperature Audit Trails

Sample Report #3
Sample Report #4

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